Refinance Process


You’re looking to better your financial position & have decided its time to refinance. Great! The first step is putting together a “refi” folder, containing current financial information. Preparation is the key to expediting this process and securing the lowest rate.

❖ You collect all necessary items (see bottom of page) we’ll review them together
❖ I’ll obtain your current credit report & will submit your file to the lender
❖ The appraisal is ordered
❖ Your file is analyzed (underwritten) by the lender
❖ Together we gather any items the lender has requested
❖ Final loan documents are prepared by the lender / you then sign all documents
❖ Escrow reviews your signed documents / schedules with you a day to close this new loan
❖ Your loan records on the scheduled closing day or the next day, after it records you receive any cash you may of requested or checks from escrow paying off debts you’ve selected.

Click here for the Refinance Checklist.