Is a Reverse Mortgage for Me?

We all dream about the day we make our last mortgage payment. Few think about what it would be like to have our mortgage pay us!Owning your own home (with a loan balance OR not) and being 62 years or older, it is possible that you qualify for a Reverse Mortgage. Allowing you use the equity of your home for a variety of reasons:

❖ Paying off debt…yours or your heirs
❖ Increasing your monthly income
❖ Paying for in-home health care / mobility equipment
❖ Saving & growing a line of equity for when you need it
❖ Finally getting to the deferred home maintenance; roof, plumbing, making your home “age-in place” proof

However you choose to spend your equity, the choice is 100% yours!

The Good, The Bad and The Misunderstanding of a Reverse Mortgage. 2016 brought many (good) changes to this program.

I’m available to meet you at your home (at no cost) & explain in detail to you & your family, exactly how a Reverse Mortgage works & if it’s right for you.