Why Refinance?

Apartment versus House

How do you know when it’s the right time to refinance?

Since you purchased your property, has your financial situation improved OR has your home value increased OR is it time to remove your PMI? These are only a few situations how you could benefit from refinancing your property.



Save Money by: Lowering Monthly Payments – Consolidate Debt – Take cash out

❖ Change your loan program
❖ Lower your interest rate
❖ Remove private mortgage insurance (PMI)
❖ Consolidate credit cards
❖ Pay off cars / student loans / medical debt / personal debt
❖ Take money out of your home to do with what you want: remodel, begin an “emergency savings fund”, set the money aside to care for a loved one.


Though your home is not an ATM, you can align your finances in a financially sound manner. Consult with your tax preparer, as your mortgage interest unlike credit card interest, is usually tax deductible.


Please contact me, I’d be happy to evaluate your situation, at no cost!